J’Aquaire is the brainchild of Meg Montgomery – musician, producer, web mistress, blockchain/crypto currency advocate, mother etc.

Coming from a multi-generational medical family, Meg was warned by her grandfather to “stay out of hospitals” and “stay out of the medical profession” because it had become about prescribing, instead of curing. Exploring health alternatives such as Chiropractic, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, sweat lodges, nutrition and more…. she eventually began to grow her own herbs. The first product she made from her garden, was Oregano Oil.

The Aquarian Age has much to do with our relationship with Water

“I believe that the minerals and nutrients found in organically-grown herbs have the ability to boost our immune systems better than just about anything else out there.” – electricmeg

She has made tinctures of Chaga and Reishi in the past, and added a Thyme-infused Argan oil in the 2019 catalog. She is open to taking small-batch custom orders of tinctures, oil infusions, or flavors of body balm.

During the process of making her products, Meg infuses the ingredients with intentions of Love, Peace, Health, Unity, Abundance… following the work of Masaru Emoto who showed how water reacts uniquely to positive and negative input.