An Exorcism of Sorts

Today, my pearl of wisdom is in regards to the quantum leap to the Fifth Dimension, where all is possible and limitations are erased; Where we can connect with our higher selves, our tribe, our soul family, our abundance, our passion, our love.

Today, I admit my deep-seated core of failure; my lack of faith in myself. Admitting it is not wrong, instead it shines a light on it; Reveals it instead of letting it sit and stew and grow and rot from the inside out.

I SEE you, Cancer of Failure, which has grown over a lifetime
I expose you, tumor of failed attempts, failed dreams, failed actions, failed words, failed relationships, failed everything.
I Rip you from the core of my soul, and I place you on the table for the world to see.
You are UGLY, and big, and calcified, and moldy, and alien. You are heavy, massive, demanding, starving.
You are a lifetime of Failure.

Disconnected from my inner being, the tumor begins to putrefy, dry up, shrivel in on itself, as it cannot survive on its own. I have exorcised it. And as my dread and vehemence toward it subsides, I recognize the very life of it…. It had its own needs, its own wants, its own desires. It was its own entity, a parasite living off my energy.

Disconnected, I honor its existence, I honor each and every of the many failures over a lifetime, that gave life to it. I accept the responsibility to transmute all the fear and shame and guilt that are associated with this cancer of failure, into success.

Where it was, there is now a lightness of being, a hole in my soul, an emptiness which is not ready to be filled. The coagulation of my passions doesn’t need to happen in this instant, I have faith that it will present itself in its own time, on its own terms.

I can live on nothing, as I have a thousand times before… I will not go out chasing meaningless dollars. I have already cast a thousand fishing poles, a thousand nets, a thousand wishes out into the Universe, and I am ENOUGH. I am MORE than enough. I am connected to Divine Abundance, and my Abundance will manifest at the Right Time.

NOW is simply a time for Meditation. Silence. Allowing. Gratitude. Peace.

The surgery is complete.

The healing now begins.

I will weave a web of self love to bandage the emptiness, allowing for the most perfect healing, with compassion and joy.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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