This is my sixth year making Body Balm, and it just keeps getting better…

The beeswax comes from a local bee-keeper who sells the most delicious honey! The extra virgin Coconut oil is from Thailand, free trade and organic. The Argan oil – from ancient groves tended by hand – comes from a women’s collective near Essaouira, Morocco. I lovingly and dotingly grow the Oregano & Thyme in my garden, picking and drying the leaves from July into August.

Once dry, I infuse them inBragg’s extra virgin organic olive oil to activate their therapeutic properties. After a few months of working the infusion, I then mix all the ingredients together. The organic Lavender essential oil and Lemon essence added at the very end, offer a delicious hint of aromatherapy. (Even though the balm is technically edible – it is for External Use Only)

Thyme and Oregano from my garden

The organic and resiliently sourced ingredients give the Body Balm anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.* As a lip balm, it drenches the lips for 12 continuous hours. As a moisturizer, it makes the skin silky smooth, and is an instant remedy for dry, cracked or peeling skin. It’s also a non-toxic hand sanitizer. People have found that it works very well as a burn remedy – including radiation burns & sunburns. It will also help your skin to heal quickly from cuts, infections and abrasions.

If you like the balm softer, keep in a warm place. If you like it more firm, keep cool. If it softens more than you like, shake it up and put it in the fridge or freezer to cool down – no harm done!

2020 Body Balm is more concentrated than previous years;
use less to receive the same extraordinary healing & skin-quenching results!

j’Aquaire Body Balm 1 oz glass vial
$15 includes taxes & shipping
North America only


“My hubby started using the body balm to offset reactions from radiation. It immediately offered relief AND it lasted literally all day!!!!! It is making such a huge difference during this time … Time to take care of ME with it as well!!!! Thanks xoxo!”

Lee Munch December, 2019

Been using your winter balm on mom’s feet.
Magic stuff!!

Winifred M, January 2020
body balm
Freshly-poured 1 ounce glass bottles. It smells SOOO GOOOOD!

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