Body Balm

Toward a more Harmonious World….

1 oz glass vials: $15 – call about other sizes

This is my fifth year making the Body balm, and I’ve added the very precious Argan Oil to the mix, which I purchased at a women’s cooperative near Essaouira, Morocco. The Argan oil makes this year’s Balm exceptionally skin-drenching & comforting. With pure Frankincense and Lemon essential oils added – the aroma is scrumptious! (Even though the balm is technically edible, it’s for External Use Only!)

The ingredients, organic and resiliently sourced, are collectively anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, helping to stop the spread of dis-ease. The product is made in the intention of love and harmony.

If you like the balm softer, keep in a warm place. If you like it more firm, keep cool.

“My hubby started using the body balm to offset reactions from radiation. It immediately offered relief AND it lasted literally all day!!!!! It is making such a huge difference during this time… Time to take care of ME with it as well!!!! Thanks xoxo!”

Lee Munch December, 2019

Been using your winter balm on mom’s feet. Magic stuff!!

Winifred Montgomery, January 2020