Convergence / Divergence

I am experiencing something that has inspired me to fully embrace the Best Possible Future scenario, and to completely reject the notion that Evil has any place in our future.

I write from the “I” or first person perspective but I consider myself a voice for the growing collective conscious/unconscious that is working very hard to elevate personal and global frequencies as we head over the waterfall into the next Epoch – The Age of Aquarius, or the Fifth Dimension.

The theme of this time is Transcendence / Transmutation. It was our job in 3D to figure out how to transcend our way out of Trauma and transmute that Trauma into a form of Bliss. The people who accomplished this task are beginning to coalesce and work to design the new 5D society. It is decentralized, with a fraction of governance and taxation, and abundant freedom and health.

As we come together in recognition and respect of the Journey – and the Destination that is in sight – we light up the world in the Convergence of our collective Light. It is JOYFUL and INSPIRING and it’s as if our thoughts and actions set off fireworks of serendipity! Which is, of course, an iconic representation of 5D.

But there is also a splitting; this is where the two timelines Diverge. There are people who will not join us in 5D because their density is so low-frequency; they are casualties of this eons-long war against humanity. It is unfortunate and devastating and horrifying to come to terms what is about to happen, and yet we MUST get to a point of acceptance, in whatever way we can, that we will lose people we love to this war, and soon. When we attempt to give our loved ones a step up, all we get is vitriolic hatred, and so it has become anti-productive to even try. All we can do is send tsunamis of LOVE to them to help them in their own personal journey.

I get signs all the time that what I’m doing is RIGHT. On the day of the first meeting of a new “coalition” group, a Bald Eagle swooped in front of my car – not close enough so that it was in danger, but close enough so that I could see its massive wing span across the road! then just a few minutes later, the biggest black bear I’ve ever seen ran out in front of my car, lumbering from one side of the road to another. It’s paws where the size of baseball gloves, and it was BEAUTIFUL to watch with its sleek black fur and the power of the muscles beneath!!! I didn’t make it to the meeting that day…. but I am assured that what we are doing is on the right track. These are the most powerful totems.

At this point, also, most conversations are with people who give me nuggets that help to fill out the puzzle, which is nearing completion. The picture is almost clear and as we communicate – and that is where the real magic happens. That is where the bright white sparks of A-HA fly. Unity, allowing, gratitude, generosity – these are the qualities of this New Epoch. There is no lack! No poverty! No hunger! No tyranny!

LOVE WINS. Because enough of us finally learned how to transcend.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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