Divine Creative Energy

One thing has been made crystal clear to me during these wrenching 18 months of scamdemic hell:

Imagination, and the ability to take action to bring imaginings to life,
is the most powerful, stunning, and important aspect of being Hueman.

However, where we have arrived as a society (in general) is the unfortunate removal of imagination from our daily lives through the dumbing down of education, the rise of electronics, the insidious political landscape, the poisoning of our food, water and air, the rise in mind & mood altering medication, addiction, poverty, identity politics, cancel culture etc etc etc. It’s almost as if there has been a coordinated assault on Huemanity, to remove imagination and creativity from society completely. You know, as in Orwell’s 1984.

It takes imagination to perceive propaganda. It takes imagination to be able to envision a better future. It takes imagination to be able to improvise your way out of a bad situation. It takes imagination to SURVIVE. Unfortunately, with this almost-surgical removal of imagination / creative energy from our culture, we are at the precipice of NOT surviving. Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World was not fiction at all, but a template for what we have become. (He was a 33rd degree Mason, as was Orwell and just about every other male character whose name has survived the test of time.)

Huemanity, as I see it, has (for the most part) been split into 3 primary factions: the Controllers (Illuminati, Deep State, Cabal, 1% – whatever you want to call them), the Controlled (people who have lost their imagination and have willingly invited fascism into our lives), and the Free Thinkers (those who retain the ability to think creatively and recognize the heinous deception). The war, currently, is against the Free Thinkers, who are attacked incessantly by the Controllers and the Controlled, but we stand firm knowing that our ability to retain God’s most precious gift to Huemanity – Imagination – is worth saving, exercising, and fighting for.

It has been so very difficult to watch people I care about sign their own death warrant by willingly accepting these jabs. They followed orders without lifting a finger to do any objective research whatsoever about the implications of an experimental genetic therapy. At the beginning of this attack, there was plenty of information to be found, however because of the ever-increasing political propaganda, which they failed to recognize because they allowed their creative minds to be turned off, these people fully supported censorship – so at this point in time, the process of digging for any non-propagandized information about the jabs is infinitely more difficult than it was at the beginning of these 18 months.

Because we retain our Divine Creative Energy, Free Thinkers have created our own bastions of factual information in new forums, new venues, new streams, where new communities, new conversations, new ideas are constantly evolving. Instead of destroying Divine Creative Energy, The Powers That Be (TPTB) have inadvertently empowered it to greater and greater heights! And the truth is that the demonic TPTB do not HAVE creative energy, they can only access and use what has already been created! So, literally –

Free Thinkers become the saviors of the world and the creators of the future.

Knowing what is in the jabs, I have little hope for my friends and family who have received them. My son is one of only two people in his friends group who have not received the jab, I am the only one of my siblings who has not received it, and these ratios speak volumes. We know that it causes infertility in females, not to mention blood clotting, heart inflammation, neurological and immunological disease and so much more. We know that the swabs as well as the jab introduce self-replicating nanobots that will, in the near future, hook up with 5G to act as a neurological controlling mechanism. It is also obvious now that Big Tech is not just censoring, but SCRUBBING all information countering this heinous attack on Huemanity and Earth.

So, I spend my time imagining all that is DIVINE, knowing that one way or another Huemanity is at the precipice of dramatic change. I spend my time talking to my friends in the UK who are experiencing incredible, dramatic oppression, as they are in Australia and elsewhere. I spend my time searching for truth. I spend my time simply trying to survive. I spend my time sending LOVE and waves of healing energy across Earth.

I spend my time IMAGINING a blessed New Earth into existence, where every human is cared for, empowered, healthy, wealthy and spends their precious life force energy on improving themselves and humanity. And that beautiful vision is what keeps me going in this very difficult time.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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