Divinity is Quintessentially Quantum

Everything is energy at the quantum level;
it is our awareness – our sensory perception – that makes it physical.

Every morning when I wake, and every night as I lay down to sleep, I actively connect my energy / etheric field to Divine Consciousness in gratitude, humility, and in openness to guidance, in order to be of best service to Earth. This is not prayer, which is to my thinking always asking for something; instead it is literally opening up and/or maintaining the connection.

Since my Kundalini activation c. 2012, I have been meditating – often silently, often while walking in nature, but also chanting in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, which for me has been most powerful. Currently, chanting AUM with Yogananda is exceptionally powerful on many levels. The way that people connect with Divine Consciousness is highly personal; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. It is very important to do the work necessary to find YOUR path to connection.

Everything is Energy.

When this truth finally sinks in, it allows for dramatic change toward a more connected, abundant, loving and joyful existence. It takes us out of the sensory world, which promotes EGO (resulting in greed, jealousy, sloth, desire, hubris etc.) and gradually shifts us to CONNECTION which is Unity Consciousness (in which there is no other).

In this connected mindstate, you are no longer subject to the laws of the 3rd dimension. Of course there are many levels of mastery but when you study the Hindu Rishis who exhibit 5th dimensional skills (levitation, bi-location, mind-reading etc) it cannot be denied that we are capable of extraordinariness on this Earth, in this Time. With further study, it is possible to see that there has been a massive push to prevent us from achieving this extraordinariness – which to a great extent has been achieved with the petrochemical assault of the 20th Century, amidst a culture of materialism, non-pure sex, trauma, etc etc etc.

When a person is concentrated on material/sex culture, they are incapable of witnessing the quantum. They are mis-directed, intentionally, by The Powers That Be (TPTB). Our healthcare system, education system, government, and industry are all intentionally mid-directed, resulting in a vastly mis-directed, traumatized society.

My goal and my purpose is to help re-direct society to the Quantum Mindset / 5th Dimension, in which there is no disconnection from Divine Source. We have already achieved significant progress, thanks to the Plandemic – which has inadvertently awakened people on a massive scale – but there is a long, long way to go.

The changes that are happening in our world right now – which have been rising, unseen for decades and are just about to break the surface of the Great Deception – are unbelievably fabulous! Sometimes, I am blinded by visions of our not-too-distant future, in which there is no more poverty, or war, or hatred…. How FABULOUS it will be!!! And for some, how fabulous it already IS!!!

There is work to be done. I am rested, rejuvenated, have healed my trauma and I am raring to go. I gleefully await the many beautiful souls I will meet on this journey!!


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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