Letter to a friend on the eve of my son’s HS graduation:

There is that deeply embedded ethic in human society; WORK HARD it’s the only way to make money! And some people do get rich or at least comfortable by doing so. But, I worked on Wall Street for several years, across every department at Goldman Sachs – so I know how our financial system REALLY works and ever since then, I have been searching, searching, searching for the answer to this anti-human, anti-Earth, debt-driven slave system. For the most part I have stayed out of it, Because, I KNOW the dollar is built on blood and suffering. I’ve always been very self-deprecating in regards to building any kind of wealth.

When I was at Goldman, I had to work on a deal that lost my step father his job – and when I asked to be taken off that deal, I was told, “Either work on it or leave and don’t come back.” So, the Mergers & Acquisitions era hit MY home, and it was made obvious that one day, that total devastation of this system that I witnessed happening through my work at Goldman, would land HERE in this country, after they had finished destroying all of the far-off countries. Et voila, here we are!

Which is why you see me plugging alternative economies SO HARD. Which is why I took to cryptos with such passion. And, which is why I have been studying this Quantum Financial Reset – as a counter to the Cabal’s Great Reset – with such focus.

Trump made a point to reference the RV (Revaluation) in his first speech after the inauguration @ CPAC – stating that it was happening this summer. That was when I really began to take it seriously. The RV *IS* the implementation of the Quantum Financial System (QFS), which is a brand new, asset-backed economy built on a blockchain so that every unit is tracked. (I could go in to the negative aspects of trackable money, but we’ll save that for another time) The philosophy of this system is to remove all chances for negative transactions – theft, blackmail, usury etc. – with the primary purpose being to end human trafficking, which is the strongest sub-economy in our current system.

(Just so you know, Trump flew AF1 to Switzerland this past weekend; he is not in charge – the White Hats of the MILITARY are in charge, but he never stepped down and has been recognized as the Commander in Chief by the military this whole time; We are experiencing a dual presidency)

It is said by many that this RV is guided by God’s hand, to help Earth ascend out of this Luciferian construct …. of which the town of Liberty a prime example, having been intentionally transformed by this System from a thriving, beautiful town to one ruled by pedophiles, gangs and drugs.

So, in the grand scheme of things – this QFS is helping us transcend into the Age of Aquarius, 5D, and an infinitely more equitable epoch. In the next few weeks, we will see the implementation of NESARA which removes all taxes except for a 17% Value Added Tax (VAT) on new, luxury goods, and so much more.

We are about to be transferred to Nikola Tesla’s FREE ENERGY system, in which there is no more need for plugs – just on/off switches – no more energy bills. We are about to witness the rollout of unbelievable quantum tech that has been hidden from us for DECADES, and which will result in the absolute revamping of society – starting with our healthcare system. And, we are about to witness a time where people are empowered with waterfalls of money so that nobody has to work at any job they don’t want – instead, people will be encouraged to spend their time doing what they love.

And the people who have been so generous in the context of this ridiculous system, will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the gist.

I will be proven right (or wrong!) in the next few weeks. Maybe today! I really don’t think I’m wrong, too many AMAZING people have stepped up (RFK, Lindell, Byrne, Flynn, Wood, Powell, Trump, Tenpenny, Mikovitz, Montaigner, etc etc etc etc) to help pull back the curtain and reveal that the Wizard is just a ridiculous old man pulling puppet strings.

I know that it is very, very, very difficult for people to realize and accept the absolute HELL we have been living in, and be able to imagine the HEAVEN where we are going…. and that is exactly the work I have been doing. Part of my job now, is to help people make that transformation, which is already in progress.

Potential Transformation Timeline:

On Tues. 22 June at 4am EST Iraq’s CBI submitted it’s new RV Dinar rates (CHECK)

Wed. 23 June the new rates of currencies of 22 nations live on Forex (CHECK)

On Thurs. 24 June the banks passed Basil 4 Compliance (the gold was in place to back the GCR) (CHECK)

Fri 25 June Tier 4B obtain notification to set appointments, Bond Holders gain access to their monies, results of the Arizona audit come out.

Sat. morning 26 June Official GCR launch

Mon. 28 June Gold-backed dollar, new tax system Announced (No tax on wages, food or medicine), Basel 3 compliance

Fri. 1 July 1st day of the third quarter, gold-backed dollar goes into effect.

On Sat. 3 July IMF set to make a public announcement of the Global Currency Reset and the General Public could exchange currencies at International Rates.

So I have the feeling that you have a very difficult weekend ahead of you, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Your husband is right, some people are not able to learn their lessons in this life but it’s no fault of theirs, it is the SYSTEM that is at fault. Humans are simply trapped in the system, like a fox in a trap. Only coming to Divine Source will get us out of that trap.

Pondering this situation we’re in, I made this video last night:


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