Happy 165th Birthday, Nikola Tesla (a day late)

Happy Birthday to Nikola Tesla (b July 10, 1856 Serbia – d January 7, 1943 NYC)

Nikola Tesla’s visionary inventions were intended to help Humanity evolve to a free-energy society at a time when energy was at the very forefront of all innovative activities. Unfortunately, those who wanted to profit from energy effectively stashed and silenced his most extraordinary accomplishments from public view, and this work only came back into view in the past few decades; first for those who were searching and then, gradually, they have become visible to the greater public.

He was a celebrity in his time and had as his admirers some of the most notable minds of the time – Mark Twain, Anton Dvorak, Rudyard Kipling, John Muir, Swami Vivekenanda etc. His friendship with Vivekenanda was especially productive, as it helped him to comprehend Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Mechanics through the ancient Hindu writings and philosophies and this allowed for more rapid and intricate development of his work. However, Mark Twain was a vocal proponent of Tesla’s work, a magnificent example of how the celebrity voice can elevate a person when a less-friendly media is determined to either silence or discredit them.

Our society is shaped by Tesla’s extraordinary inventions, even though so many were never allowed to be released to the public. The inventions that we currently benefit from include AC Electricity, XRays, Radio, Induction motor, Hydroelectric power, Remote control and so much more. However, there are many inventions that are in use privately (military, Illuminati) including Wireless electricity, an Earthquake machine, the Violet Ray, a Time machine and much more. Many of these hidden inventions are about to be made public and they will change society for the better in an almost-unimaginable way.

The fact that this one person created such an astounding output in one lifetime is enough to make us normal folk feel small and insignificant. Instead, we should be inspired by his dedication and perseverance through what was truly a lifetime of adversity and disappointment.

What I get most from studying his life is how incredibly VITAL it is to develop, promote and prioritize imagination from the earliest ages. So, in a way he is equally responsible, with Rudolph Steiner, for inspiring the j’Aquaire Academy.

Thank you, Mr Tesla, for Everything!


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