IT IS RARE that our lives flow effortlessly and with grace; more often than not we’re tripping over hurdles. Until we reach a state of conscious knowing, those hurdles can be very difficult to master.

We see them as a negative, a nuisance. Perhaps even as a permanent barrier. We see them as the problem, instead of looking inward at what it is about our own selves that relates to, and invites, the hurdle.

Before I ever began to see the Light of Self-Realization, I made dramatic mistakes, often repeatedly, landing me in severe positions of chaos and uncertainty. The old adage, “When you’re at the bottom of the gutter, the only way to look is up” was true on too many occasions to count. I could not figure out how to overcome the seemingly infinite, cemented hurdles in my life! For decades, my life was painful, lonely, and desperate and I did not know where to turn for guidance; all I got from my mother was:

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

However, as an empath that guidance was poison to me. (In my opinion, platitudes are not an acceptable replacement for the difficult work of actual parenting.)

It was only after I began to include the energy of GRATITUDE into my life, that I began to learn that hurdles are not negative blocks, but significant opportunities for growth. And it was only after I began to study Quantum Physics and Quantum Vedic Spirituality that I learned that because everything is energy, I have the power to avoid, dissolve or transmute hurdles as I choose. Or even to attract the hurdles I need! It has everything to do with perspective.

It takes patience and practice to master the art of recognizing how the hurdles in our life are placed for specific growth. Even after years of practice, I continue to fail – sometimes massively. But I succeed much more often. And when I do… it is thrilling, life-affirming, and absolute propulsion forward toward Bliss – the ultimate goal.

Some parents are wise and experienced enough to lovingly teach this life skill to their very young children, and those children are the ones who grow up to be exceptional adults who master troubleshooting, and know that truly, anything is possible.

Fundamentally, it is trauma energy that blocks us from the knowledge and energy of transmuting the hurdles. Trauma limits the spectrum of energy that is available to us, fractures our energetic field, and blinds us to all that is possible. And we live in a massively trauma-based society!

I have come to believe that it is our quest, as a species, to evolve out of collective trauma through gratitude, self-healing and service to others. I also believe that it is easier to do this NOW, than it has ever been – and getting easier every day.

Eventually, we come to learn that there are no mistakes in life; every experience is given at the perfect moment and we either accept the challenge, or we do not. But – we will be re-presented with the challenge again and again, until we are strong enough to accept it.

Through my work with Return to Flow, I help people work through their energetic blocks so that they have the courage and support to rise to all of life’s challenges.

In my next post, I will go into detail about the methodologies that are currently available to us to become better hurdlers.

Sending you blessings of Health, Abundance and Divine Love!!

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