Evolution of Identity

My son is about to graduate high school, and in the past year he has latched on to a true, life-long passion in the form of tennis. When I was his age, I was regularly performing at Carnegie Hall, intent on becoming a master of my craft… so it’s important for me to know that my son has discovered what it means to be passionate about something. Up till now, he’s enjoyed ball-and-net games including badminton, ping pong, volleyball etc. With tennis his perspective has shifted, he is truly focused and able to envision his future for the first time.

It was my greatest wish for him (especially in the context of this ridiculous education system) that he find a passion before he graduates. It’s an absolute thrill to watch him play and pursue this new passion con gusto. From researching and acquiring the accoutrements, to studying famous matches, to finding partners to play with and soon pursuing employment …. I rest assured that he’ll be able to find his way in life. Passion is – and should be – our driving force. Unfortunately, many people never figure it out, and often people lose their passion when they are forced into the drudgery of making a “living”.

Before tennis, my son’s career interest had been energy healing – massage, reiki, etc. So my words of wisdom to him last night were that he pursues ALL of his interests. Eventually, they will merge, inspiring him to create a unique and valuable product and/or service for the communities in which he is engaged; passion (mixed with expertise) is the greatest attractor-factor when it comes to entrepreneurship. I know he will be wildly successful. And never bored!

This process has inspired me to take a closer look at my own evolving identity. Being a musician for the first several decades was my all-consuming focus; nothing else mattered. I accomplished a modicum of success, however I fell all too easily into the music industry ego trap and eventually had to remove myself in order to get to the point of identifying and healing my trauma, realizing that it would destroy me if left unchecked.

Part of this process has been to define what I DO NOT want – specifically, engagement with the Evil System on any level. Knowing what you don’t want, is just as important as defining what you DO want!

I’m beginning to identify more with my entrepreneur-creative self or my inventor-creative self, than my artist-creative self. My old muses – Miles Davis, Coltrane, Georgia O’Keefe, etc – have given way to Rudolph Steiner, Wilhelm Reich, Viktor Schauberger, Royal Rife, and Nikola Tesla (and many other physicists/inventors/spiritualists). Although these great minds have been intentionally left out of history books, their work is monumental. Each one of them brought to life unique visionary discoveries, with the intent of elevating humanity to higher quality of life, but the Evil System systematically destroyed and hid their work, because the Evil System did not want humanity to be elevated!! This profound discovery has shaped my life in the past 15 years.

Once you have studied the work of Schauberger, for instance, and realize that through his water research 100 years ago, he invented anti-gravity, many forms of zero-point energy and taught us how to manipulate river systems to avoid all forms of flooding – and then you juxtapose his work against the century since, in which we have destroyed the world with nuclear energy, petroleum, chemicals and controlled river systems that suffer catastrophic floods on a regular basis – it becomes impossible to advocate for “Green” Energy (which is not Earth-friendly AT ALL, and in fact serves as the propaganda arm of a very anti-human agenda). The truth is, the Evil System has intentionally kept humanity at a low vibration, enslaved in materialism, drudgery and convenience in order to further their Evil Anti-Human Agenda, and most people don’t have the first clue.

Think about it: What’s the point of protesting nuclear energy or fossil fuels, or fighting for “Green” energy? Why are we not instead using our precious energy and passion to DEMAND zero-point energy when it has existed for a CENTURY????

I have often said that the most egregious chasm in humanity is between those who have the most basic innerstanding of quantum physics, and those who don’t have the first clue. (Not surprisingly, people who don’t have the first clue, don’t agree with me!) There is NO DOUBT that Quantum Physics is intentional omitted from this ridiculous education system. When the merest hint of logic is applied, it should be taught starting from the very earliest ages.

And therein lies the basis for the soon-to-launch j’Aquaire Quantum Academies, and j’Aquaire Quantum Media – inspiring the world to transition toward the Quantum Future, celebrating the voices of quantum physics and spirituality which have been silenced by the Evil System, which is now crumbling before our very eyes.


and Quantum Health


But Only if we demand it.

And THAT, I’m pleased to say, is my new / evolved / upgraded identity.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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