Implode Out of the Old

Viktor Schauberger discovered the non-destructive power of IMPLOSION in his extraordinary lifetime of water research.

He invented many devices using this magnificent form of energy; some could power a home and structure water at the same time. Unfortunately, he was – like Nikola Tesla – a century early with his research & inventions, and the establishment either coopted his work, stole it, or destroyed it in their agenda to make us sick and dead after being made reliant on a petroleum-based economy, food system and “health” system.

Diagram of Implosion

This very concept of implosion is apropos for THIS time: invisible pressure from outside our awareness is causing a radical change at the core of who we are as individuals, and as a species. I am witnessing people awaken out of the imposed stupor, and react to the horror that is clawing at the doorstep, while at the same time awakening to the Divine Presence within.

While each one of us must take responsibility for allowing ourselves to be deceived, there is no value at this point in time in holding accusatory guilt, as the deception was expertly crafted through Rockefeller, Freud, Bernays, the media etc. over the course of many generations. It is so much better just to give a hand up, brush the dust off the shoulders and move our energy forward in


There is only one way forward for humanity: each one of us must implode out of the old in order to access the new energies that are upon us. (Some people call this the mid-life crisis – but it has become so much more than that.) Our planet swirls within a solar system which swirls within a galaxy which swirls within a universe. Our Sun is connected to the Universal Sun, which is sending us a whole new range of energies. We are at the end/beginning times of a 26,000 year cycle. For the past many eons we have endured the worst, most dense energies in the Kali Yuga; now we’re entering the Age of Aquarius, and Shiva is front & center as the Destroyer and the Creator. The energies are more expansive which translates to humanity having access to 5th dimensional skills such as remote viewing, telepathy, seeing with the 3rd eye, bilocation etc.

It is my greatest hope that we will quickly move on from this live horror show into the Quantum Future where money becomes irrelevant, as the quantum inventions of people like Tesla and Schuaberger (and so many others) will be released to the public. We will be removed from the petroleum death cult. All societies on Earth will move into parity, as we enter the extraordinary Universal Society that is our Divine Right.


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