Intuition: The New Superpower

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Some people say that we are in the middle of WWIII, an Information War, in which there is a constant bombardment of information coming at us from all directions, and it has become impossible to discern Truth from Lies. Many people continue to get their information from sources that have long been compromised, having not the first clue that what they are listening to is Mind Control of the highest order; it is up to each one of us to wake up to the deception, and it can not be forced.

Even those who research on their own, come across false news all the time, that is intended to distract and mislead. This is another form of Psychological Operation, or PsyOp, that is a part of the Information War, and so the need for new ways to be able to identify Truth, becomes paramount.

The mass censorship on social media and search platforms, removing all links to information that could help people to discern truth from fact, is also a problem. This includes the censorship of books, images, music, lectures, interviews and documentaries. Many people have absolutely no idea that this censorship has happened.

So how is it possible for any human to be able to know what the truth is in this Information War?

There is a way.
It involves the activation of your Inner Knowing,
or Connection to Source, or Gut Instinct,
otherwise known as Intuition.

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve heard that intuition is a way to know Truth…. but I can assure you it is a very real skill that can be developed by everyone.

It is a process to get to the point of trusting your Inner Guidance, that begins with lifestyle changes, detoxification, and altering your thought patterns. You have to unlearn what the Matrix has taught you in order to access the grandiosity that lies BEYOND the Matrix, and concentrating on activating your Intuitions is a necessary first step.

Activating Intuition is a part of the process of my course, Return to Flow in which I help people to rise out of patterns that no longer serve in order to live your highest purpose. If you feel like a gerbil in an infinitely spinning wheel, I can help you. If you can’t seem to figure out what to do with your life, I can help you. If you are depressed, frustrated, filled with angst – I can help you rise into a place of purpose and Love.

I can do all of this because over the course of many years I have pulled myself from a place of being absolutely lost and suicidal, into the Fifth Dimension where I’m able to manifest all that I need, I am supremely confident in my intuitive powers, and the people, experiences and tools that I need to progress are all provided for me at the moment of need. It may sound preposterous, but I can assure you – these Fifth Dimension abilities are very real, and this is just a short list.

I hope you will take this opportunity to take charge over YOUR life, and come along on this AMAZING Journey into the Realm where ALL is Possible! I would be so very honored to be your guide.

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