Is Free Will the Theme of This Age?

An “Uplift” in Woodstock, NY (April 2021)

There’s no doubt that we are living in the midst of an Information War. The chaotic chatter across the infinitely growing world of social media, not to mention traditional media channels, is complete overload. It allows people to tune in to whatever information appeals to their sensibilities, completely ignoring any perspectives or opinions or even facts that do not align with their perspective.

When I was growing up, we used to debate issues as a matter of course, it was allowed and encouraged. But now, there is no debate – only screaming matches, in which people demand that their perspective is the only correct perspective, Alex Jones-style. We as a species have lost our dignity, our community, our ability even to recognize, and change our minds, when presented with undeniable factual information. This is not by chance; it has been built into our society over the course of decades, by media and education.

But when you get to the crux of the matter – what is the real issue that we are yelling and screaming about? What is the fundamental, underlying theme of these chaotic times?

I believe it is Free Will

Whenever I write or say that phrase, I think of the movie, Free Willy, which I see as predictive programming* intended to help us realize that it is our nature to be free but that MUST express it. That being said, the challenge that humanity is being faced with at this point in time is, in fact, perpetual enslavement and/or genocide – the most serious issue we could possibly face. If we continue forward with this medical fascism, future humanity will not be unlike the pods that Neo awoke from, in The Matrix. Not conceived… but grown. Meaning, ultimately, that the jab signifies the end of the sovereign human race.

However – if we exercise our FREE WILL by rejecting an experimental gene therapy which in its first few months has proven to be infinitely worse than the (99.9% survivable) disease it was designed to cure, then we are standing for that precious sovereignty. And if we are out in the streets en masse, demanding our rights to sovereignty, then we are doing everything we can to preserve humanity.

It’s time to refresh our perspective; put on a new pair of glasses. Open our minds to differing viewpoints and refraining from being offended. Ultimately, really – we all want the same thing, to be safe, free and healthy. All we truly differ on, is the intention of the people who are governing us.

When we do the work to connect to Divine Consciousness – it is so much easier to NOT be offended. And, to be NOT offended makes life so much simpler, and more enjoyable! If you would like help on this journey, I invite you to learn about my program, Return to Flow.

* Predictive programming comes in many flavors. Is science fiction really fiction? In many cases, such as George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, the authors were high-level Freemasons, who had advanced knowledge of the plans for humanity, and wrote their “science fiction” as a warning.


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