Mechanics of Elevation into Quantum Reality

It’s important to note that in this 3rd Dimension, it is only the lowest 1/4 of frequency that is out of Positive Resonance; in the realm of Force. And it’s also important to note that LOVE is only half way up the frequency grid.

In my own experience, Elevating out of those lowest frequencies was extremely difficult work, and I did it blind. It was only after achieving a modicum of Elevation that I began to see more clearly, and to recognize that fighting your way out of the chaos of low frequency IS the work. It’s somewhat like a snake shedding its skin – it’s painful, it’s necessary, it’s messy – but it allows for faster growth. This kind of spiritual growth is intrinsic at this point in time – the natural order. Unfortunately, people continue to get caught in the traps of 3D – which are laid in those lowest frequencies, for instance addiction, greed, vanity etc.

At this point, I exist in the higher aspects of Power 99% of the time, because I have been blessed with a period of silent meditation which is one of the greatest healing and Elevation modalities. When we simply stop the influx of information, and allow ourselves to be at one with the the Unified Field – this is the strongest platform for Divine healing.

Everything is frequency: thoughts, food, words, actions, things. So, as we work our way out of the dense lower frequencies, we change our patterns and our lifestyle, allowing for faster and easier Elevation to the less-dense frequencies. Once we achieve those higher frequencies, then life becomes much simpler; we begin to experience elements of 5D such as clairvoyance, premonition, manifestation etc.

Tips to help you on your journey:

Eat more raw organic local food; stop eating processed food

Replace the low frequency people in your life with people of high frequency

Spend more time in Nature and Sun


Engage with your Passion

Meditate in Silence


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