Mind Over Matter is Just the Beginning

Whether or not a person grasps the most basic fundamentals of the Quantum Universe –
this is the Great Divide of our time.

It is my humble opinion that the basic tenets of Quantum Consciousness (physics and spirituality) should be taught at the elementary level, and indeed – the school I am building will offer this vital, self-actualizing education. Unfortunately, our current education system is ridiculously dumbed down and geared toward complicity, conformity, and submission to authority. Civics has been removed, critical thinking has been removed, and anything that might truly inspire and elevate a person’s thirst for true knowledge has been removed. Schools have become factories, intent on crushing the spirit in a communistic form of MK Ultra Mind Control.

Mind over Matter should begin in pre-school – to be taught in deeper and deeper layers over the course of time so that by age 10, the young human has found passion and achieved their first mastery. I imagine how creative we can get with outdoor education – so that young people are involved in conversations and co-creation and unlimited exploration; allowing those precious brain synapses to connect and reconnect and build incredible brains! Guides – not teachers – are people who have gone out and challenged life, fallen and risen, failed and succeeded, and have a tremendous passion for sharing that wisdom of life with children.

How can we best turn PLAY into a learning environment? How can we best inspire young minds to TURN ON to be able to absorb tremendous amounts of information? How best can we inspire leadership, collective participation, integrity, empathy, and vision? Not of the OLD system, but of the NEW.

It’s very important that we increase our brain capacity to have any chance with the rollout of AI, and it is very important that we roll out Quantum Education ASAP in order to have any kind of a chance vs. those who have had access to this knowledge for the past 100 years. This is my passion and purpose. I will be publishing a book in the near future exploring a new educational paradigm that empowers our precious youngsters with Quantum Consciousness.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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