I had a revelation in my dream last night, how 2 very specific & disparate things, when combined, can form a beautiful & highly elegant 3rd entity with unique functionality.

The things each on their own perform a simple, unique service. But when you piece them together, the new entity that’s formed by their union is magnitudes greater in functionality, harmony and strength.

The things of my dream were not physical, they were healing modalities such as massage, herbology, sauna but I don’t remember exactly. I think one was a grand piano. What’s important is the the IDEA of piecing together things that don’t necessarily have a relationship or seem at all similar, in order to find out what magnitudinous magnificence might evolve out of their union.

This is related to the discoveries that have been made around INTENTION – when people get together to meditate/intend to influence something external, the collaborative energy can be highly unpredictable.

What 2 things can you combine to create a 3rd thing of greater functionality?


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