Most Powerful Knowledge

I always thought that one of the most powerful scenes of the Harry Potter series surrounded the statement –

Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it

Albus Dumbledore, via JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series

Harry and his friends could have no real knowledge of the implications of this statement; all they could do was watch, wait and wonder in order to learn how & when help might manifest; and in what particular situation. That wondering itself implies a valid hint, to those who are pre-conscious, of consciousness itself.

What Dumbledore was doing, in effect, was introducing the non-wondering…. the KNOWING…. the perfect purity of the Quantum Universe.

What would life be like if we lived our lives knowing that
Help is Always Given?

In the jungles of South America, if you are poisoned by plant or animal, there is an antidote within arm’s reach. This is a beautiful example of how it’s true that when we are in the know, Help is Always Given. Dumbledore gave Harry a real gift in that foresight. (And here I am giving it to you!)

In my mind, Hogwarts represents the 4th Density, or Dimension (which is highly transitional) with the extreme representations of Duality. But it seems to me that the story’s ulterior motive is to let us know all about this “other world” in which magical powers are the norm. And why not? It’s common knowledge that our five senses only perceive a very small fraction of all available information that is being radiated to earth through the Sun. Perhaps the amount of information we are able to perceive is determined by the amount of our DNA that is activated. Perhaps the elevated number of frequency spikes and solar flares that we’ve been receiving this past year are engaging more of that DNA.

The truth is this:

Once you hit 4D
you have access to that Help whenever you need it,
as long as you’ve learned it’s available.

In 4D, huemanity has split into positive / negative but there is still interaction before the final separation (into 5D for the higher frequency people). The higher frequency (quantumly-enabled) people are just beginning to realize that there’s more to the Universe than we’re taught in school, and so they’re just beginning to play with things like serendipity, deja vu, astral travel etc.

Being able to manifest whatever you need – be it love, money, health or help – is one of the primary Quantum 5D skills. So, essentially you don’t need to know that Help is Always Given; what you need to know is how to attract or magnetize whatever it is you need. When you are plugged into the Quantumverse, you are fundamentally your OWN help all the time.

I will be teaching the basics of manifestion at the j’Aquaire Academy in January 2022: Introduction to Quantum Physics & Spirituality. I am creating this course as a kind of beacon, or welcoming retreat, that you can revisit in the future as you forge your own path into the Quantum Universe.

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