My Other Dimensional Experiences

Not a complete list

I student-taught in Scotland and on the weekends I would go into Edinburgh and walk around. I found a favorite shop that had things from around the world, and I spent a lot of time just looking and trying to feel the energy of the objects. One time, I went in and the shop was in the process of being changed to a display of Moroccan art and design. In one corner, there was a large urn that I was drawn to. It had a stunning shape. For some reason, I put my hand into the darkness of the opening, and came out with the most intricate, beautifully crafted belt I could have ever imagined. It cost way more than I could afford, but I splurged.

The shop owner told me the story of how she found it in Morocco, and was adamant that I was destined to go to Morocco. A few years later, I became very involved in Moroccan music in NYC, and the father of my child is Moroccan. Not surprisingly, I have spent a lot of time in Morocco.

The music I was initially drawn to, Gnawa, is a healing ritualistic music, and it was instrumental in putting me on my path.

When I was in my 20s, my father (who had passed away when I was young) came to me in a series of dreams, saying, “I need to be put to rest.” I began asking around what had happened after he passed away and found that his ashes remained in the funeral home where he was cremated – about 15 years earlier.

I picked up the ashes and passed them off to my brother who held them on his mantle for many years after which he arranged for a military burial.

The dreams happened after I received emergency osteopathy, which dislodged some very stuck energy in my spinal area, sending me into an emotional breakdown centered around my father’s energy.

My grandmother, before she died, received “The Book of Her Life” and this is a common story. She told me who handed it to her, but I did not know the man. In the book was all sorts of incidents, even from her childhood, things that seemed random and trivial. But she knew how important it was that she received this gift, and she died soon after, content.

A friend of the family was brutally murdered. After the funeral, I went to spend some time to help her kids adjust to the new life, and the daughter needed a shirt mended. The grandmother handed me the sewing basket, and when I opened it up, I had the sensation of thousands of white butterflies fluttering out of the basket. The feeling was so powerful I just sat there laughing, and crying, as the wings tickled my face. I later found out that in dream interpretation, this means that a soul has ascended and burned off all of its karma.

I studied Kundalini Yoga which greatly helped me on my journey to Consciousness. This led me into the spiritual communities of my area and I met one person who I connected with strongly. I learned a lot about meditation from him. Soon after I activated (unplugged) my root chakra, I was in meditation and my mind was wandering, and his voice came into my head saying, “No, that is the wrong energy. Go back to center.” And it was shocking – the hairs on the back of my neck stood up! I wasn’t able to respond to him but I did check with him later that he was telepathic, and he is.

After my step-father passed away, his spirit arrived at my place about a day or so later; I had been burning candles. It was the first time I actually had a conversation with someone across the veil. “Am I dead?” He was extremely disoriented; this happens when people are drugged. I told him yes, and that he could hang around as long as he needed. His spirit degraded with every passing hour and finally I said – “You have to go find the Love frequency – your mother is waiting for you.” and very soon after, he vanished as through a doorway filled with light.


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