New Sheriff in Town

As the Anon era came to life over the course of the past few decades (since 9/11), my newspaper-publisher friend chided me to FACT CHECK! FACT CHECK! FACT CHECK! and so, I spent a lot of time fact checking my intel, but also fact checking the fact checkers. Without a doubt, the ridiculousness of Snopes should have alerted everyone to the fact that the entire fact checking agenda should be severely scrutinized; however, years later Snopes remains our primary fact-checking source, even though their information is completely wacked.

And now, of course it’s common knowledge that Big Tech is the force behind fact checkers, while at the same time acting as the Grand Censors of real, actual truth. This dystopian reality does not bode well for any future of humanity.

One thing has come to light through this breakdown of society of the past 16 months, specifically through the alt media ….. and that is that what we knew as society before, is no longer applicable. Education, healthcare, government and media – everything we counted on has been turned on its head. The lies these institutions have forced down our throats are been proven to be anti-human on such a grandiose scale, that we can never trust them again.

Fortunately, the alt media has risen, and there are many excellent reporters doing vital work. Mike Adams at, Mike Lindell at, Amazing Polly, Dave Janda, Patrick Byrne, Del Bigtree …. and the list grows every day of courageous truth tellers who are dedicated to bringing it to the world. And who do it in an extraordinary way.

But even with all of these new information sources, we must continually activate and hone our instincts to be able to get the HIGHEST truth. In fact, it may be more important than ever to learn how to trust your own gut feeling about everything – whether its choices, or information, or anything else. In fact, this societal upheaval may bring us to a time when we don’t need ANYONE to tell us how to live, or eat, or educate, or heal. Maybe that’s what this time is all about – becoming our OWN authority, learning how to trust Divine Wisdom that comes through us every moment of every day. And, instead of connecting to a central Borg-style hive-mind through injected magnets, we connect to Divine Consciousness through prayer, meditation, good thoughts and deeds. In this case, everyone still arrives to the same conclusions of right and wrong, good and bad, even if our life experiences are dramatically different.

Perhaps this debacle, which has forced us to the point of claiming our innate sovereign status and rejecting our death-cult overlords, assists us to achieve the ultimate purpose and goal of being human – evolving beyond the need to be ruled by others.

Literally, becoming our OWN Sheriff.

So, HOWDY Sheriff!

What are you going to do today to expand your personal sovereignty & truth?


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