Here’s the game that’s being played:
it’s called “Accuse the Other FIRST of What I Myself am Guilty”
and it’s a powerful form of gaslighting, but just one of the tricks being employed
in this global brainwashing dis-info assault against humanity.

In Masonic culture, everything is flipped: right is wrong, up is down, left is right… symbolized by the black & white checkerboard pattern. And so: whenever the media tells you that mandatory anything is “good for us” the truth is, from their perspective – yes! It is good for them! But WE – you and me and all life on Earth – is not included in that reference to us. It’s literally Double Speak, right out of Orwell’s 1984. They flipped the narrative a long time ago. It’s up to each one of us to decipher the many layers of messages that are being deployed in any one speech or statement.

I learned about the Mighty Wurlitzer decades ago. It’s a metaphor for the control and manipulation of all media via organizations such as Reuters and the Associated Press, who are in turn controlled by the Pharmaceutical and Banking cartels. This totalitarian machine invented the very concept of fact-checker; ironically, all fact checking organizations are funded by the very people they are supposed to be investigating. This hypocrisy & cronyism exists at every level of society, strangling the very idea of Democracy.

This flip of the media narrative is one of the most important attacks, and has resulted in the rise of secured alt media such as Brighteon, Bitchute, Rumble, Telegram which present uncensored information. Together, these new forums provide a powerful way to stay safe & informed online.

It is vital to keep our creative, innovative minds in shape,
for that is one of the great conquests of the Matrix.
Our creativity is the expression of our Sovereignty –
the ability and freedom to envision, create and accomplish
due to our Divine, inalienable rights.

For over 20 years, I have lived as removed from the economic system as possible; existing on as little money as possible. I have always been provided for – Thank God. My choice to reject materialism came from a growing realization that the petrodollar’s valued is/was based on human misery…. and armed with this knowledge, the only choice was to extricate myself from that system.

We are currently witnessing an engineered global crash of all systems – food, energy, healthcare, education. As all the rats leave the sinking ship (mass Fortune 100 CEO resignations), the rest of us are left to scramble for whatever crumbs are left after they have sucked all the value out of the fiat dollar.

It is our only job now to resist the Matrix and hopefully defeat it once and for all. Forget about those who have already relinquished their sovereignty… the choice that people have made, is based on their own karma. The fight now is to save humanity from extinction and assist Good in overcoming Evil once and for all time.

There is an entirely new economic system that has appeared on the horizon: fully asset-backed digital currencies in every country around the globe, all to reach parity (1:1) in the near future. Built on a centralized blockchain, these digital currencies is intended to implement the Final Economic Solution, so to speak, designed as the foundation for global digital ID (whether via vaxx passport or other).

I pray to God to tweak the Reset in favor of Life – I would so enjoy spending the rest of my life in service to my community, educating people about the Quantum Universe! If we do in fact shift to empowerment, then trust becomes our most valuable asset, and money will disappear since we will be 5D humans tapped into the infinite abundance of the Universe. The value of Human life becomes TRUST. How do you build your reputation? By helping others, being open to new information, staying connected with Divinity, being centered in your self. The new goal is to become a positive asset to your community, in order to build stronger, healthier, more joyful communities.

We are at the threshhold, right now and I truly believe our thoughts, words and actions mean everything. We have a full solar eclipse on Friday, the energy of which should bring us fully into the Age of Aquarius.

Shed your fears, your vices, your regrets and define who you are as a creature of INTEGRITY! What light will you shine to the Aquarian World?

I hope from the bottom of my heart that we will be there together.

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Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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