Quantum Discernment

They call it The Precipice and in my mind it’s the jagged, cut glass spires at the top of the tallest no-mans-land mountain, where you crush the skulls of those who have gone before you with every step, as you slowly and painfully make your way. Every nerve is fried, your eyes are filled with the salty tears of desperation and you get the impression that the Beyond is very, very far below and it goes on as far as the eye can see, an endless desert of the Unknown Future.

Which future, is impossible to tell.

There is a faction of people in this world who have tried very hard to manifest a certain future reality for us; a blend of George Orwell’s 1984, with Aldux Huxley’s Brave New World. This future is a strong possibility, and there are many people who are perfectly content with it, having been destroyed by the current reality which is designed to ensnare and traumatize as many people as possible. I call this the unenlightened “All Men Are Created Equal” (AMACE) society (In the context which which it has been used, the term has zero basis in truth; it is quintessential Double-speak).

There is another, alternative, enlightened future scenario available to all who have unplugged from the lies and distortions; I refer to it as the “All People Are Created Equal” APACE Society. In fact, there are as many alt futures as there are people with a vital imagination. Unfortunately, imagination has been surgically removed by this anti-human AMACE System – through education, healthcare, poverty, drugs, you name it. But we can get it back and hone it by detoxing, healing, and unifying in spirit.

There is a truly Glorious future, if we DEMAND it; which we must, and we must do it in one voice. This future is the Quantum future and it is is from my perspective most importantly Quantum CONSCIOUSNESS (vs. Quantum TECHNOLOGY) – for we can use our minds to create or manifest just about anything, from healing to abundance, to love, to the most perfect reality that serves all Life.

Words can be used to convince anyone of anything. It’s only with the development of Quantum Discernment that we can begin to know where truth lies, and where lies, lie. Quantum Discernment is the only way Over, Through, Beyond and After this wrenching, painful, and incredibly challenging Precipice.

We’ve done the hard work. Now, it’s time to put our mind to it:

Imagine the Best Possible Future for All Living Beings

What is required: Silence, detox, sunlight, peace, water, connection, imagining, activism, and the vision and desire to make it come true.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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