Plugged In & Turned On

Life is difficult, and humans are messy.

I retreated these past few years, to heal from lifelong trauma and grow strong enough to re-enter society having finally accepting these difficulties as a part of reality, and having developed the fortitude to face them. It has been a desperately-needed time of alignment, allowing, grace, serendipity and generosity. As I emerge from this blessed time there are a few nuggets that have been instrumental in helping me grow into the strong, resilient, visionary leader than I am destined to be.

  1. I accomplished great things as a musician and for many years, that defined me – my vocation, my passion, my self worth. Being on stage and having people listen to my music – was thrilling and gratifying. But, it was always out of ego and this is why I wasn’t able to ever step over the threshold of success (IMHO). When I get back to performing, it will be purely as a vessel of Divine Flow.
  2. My younger self was beautiful, but thought I was fat and unlovable. Now, however, never having been able to lose my pregnancy weight, I love myself more than ever and have a more solid sense of purpose than ever. But it’s always a TRIP to witness how some people judge me – that impression of weight is SOOO powerful and most people exist fully in that low-frequency state of judgmentalness. It’s been a catalyst for my own growth, to become more open and accepting of people who are all kinds of different – and to fully realize that there are people I do not want to spend one quanta of energy on.
  3. The Quantum is more real today than ever before, and when we allow ourselves to be a part of that flow, magic happens. There is a sea of energy throughout the universe that we can can tap in order to manifest extraordinary abundance and success, when we begin to emerge from the swamp of the lowest 3D frequencies (the 7 deadly sins).
  4. Listening is a most vital skill. When we stop pushing out our own thoughts, and sit in silence with Nature, that is one form of intelligence that gives extraordinary knowledge. And when we sit and listen to another who might be in lower frequencies – then we are allowing that person the opportunity to grow. It is a valuable gift that costs nothing except patience.
  5. It is what you give to the world that matters, not what you receive. Wealth (of any kind) is not worth radioactive dirt if it is hoarded. Selfishness is a primary trait that illustrates the difference between those who move on and those who stay behind.

I’m sure there will be more but it’s a beautiful day and I’m going swimming!


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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