From the Quantum perspective, mental, physical & spiritual health is about flow. When we get stuck in our lives, it causes a huge range of problems. This course is designed to help you help yourself by identifying the points where your energy is stuck, and learning a wide range of valuable skills that allow for the release that stuck energy, resulting in a more connected, vibrant life.

As a quantum technician, my gift is to help people find their points of stuck-ness and offer solutions to Return to Flow. The results of the work are to resolve depression, self-doubt, lack of focus, hesitation/procrastination and feelings of unworthiness, and lead to better health, increased vitality, engagement with passion and purpose, and ultimately the integration of higher dimensional skills such as intuition, manifestation, igniting the creative spark and much more.

This work is effectively accomplished remotely and in person.

You may have something very specific that you want to work on, or perhaps you’re exploring self-improvement options in general. There is no right or wrong! There only IS.

The number of sessions that you will need depends on many factors, and will be discussed during our consultation. Consultations via Zoom. 1st session consultation is free! Recommended fee for subsequent sessions: $100 / hour, however I work on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Know thyself
Your Goal: Know Thyself

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