Life is a never-ending spiral,
in which every revolution
offers more clarity, vision & truth.

These past few years, I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time in Solitude, trying to identify & resolve my issues with this Life. I immersed myself in Pure Silence, listening only to the sounds of Nature, specifically Water. With thousands of hours of Meditation, I entered into a time of inner Peace and Harmony with All That Is. This process has helped me tremendously to step forward in my life.

One of the most important revelations unearthed is that it doesn’t matter AT ALL what anyone thinks of me. This is so strongly a 3rd Dimensional trait…. and once I fully integrated it, there became such a lightness of being, as if thousands of pounds of soul-weight had been magically removed. It turns out that caring what others think of me is deeply connected to Shame, therefore my deeply-ingrained sense of shame began to unravel, and that’s when I began to gain my VOICE.

I was silenced as a child – scolded, sent to bed without supper – when I voiced my opinions. (Common story) It’s no surprise I took to the trumpet as my mode of expression! The suppression of my expression, however, caused a lifetime of problems, especially with being able to say no and to rise above the desire to please others. I stuttered, I stammered, and I was very shy. So, having that blanket removed has been thrilling and has thrown open the door to joy.

We must experience these revolutionary iterations in order to get closer to the Truth of Who We Are. It is a part of the karma cycle, and one of the most powerful ways to work your way out of the karma cycle is to experience trauma. One would almost never realize this in the moment, but with time and experience it becomes very clear. Our difficulties are golden opportunities at advancement and I hate to be cliche, but it’s true. When we reach this level of Self-Actualization and integrate it, Life becomes much easier to navigate.

It may seem self-indulgent to spend time exploring one’s SELF, but it’s necessary for anyone who desires to achieve any level of Self-Realization, or ignite the spark of the Divine Within. The Creator wants to know who YOU are! Who are you projecting – Are you authentic? Are you living someone else’s dream? Are you afraid to try something new? Whatever level you are at right now, the only way that changes is by experimentation and creative action. There will be missteps, and mistakes, and drama, and failures – but ultimately, the process leads to the perfection of YOU in THIS time and space.

When your Self Identification comes more & more clear, you are more visible to Source. Your prayers, and dreams, and desires are more easily brought to fruition. The ability to stand in your truth becomes your greatest asset – no matter how many people it might “offend”. With almost 8 billion people on the planet, you can be assured that there are PLENTY of people with whom you will not resonate! and that means, friction! So, it’s better to accept this as an aspect of reality to master, instead of trying to hide from it. Instead of dreading that friction, use it to propel yourself into higher states of being. Learn to trust your instincts, and words, and actions – and this only comes with practice, with failing, with succeeding – with TRYING!

Others, I’m sure, see me differently than I see myself – but the fun of exploring self-identity is that we get to create and hone our personae/avatar, and hand it out to the world to either accept or reject. (That’s on them.) Once the image is given, what others think has absolutely no bearing whatsoever; it is reaction and that means nothing. The value is in the Giving.

People with a strong sense of SELF are infinitely sexier than people who exist in their ego. The “Selfists” have arrived at the point of resonating with Divine Presence and have achieved, to some degree, Unity Consciousness – the goal. Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness are God-given rights, So – pursue it! Go out and make grand mistakes, and grand successes, and find out who you ARE. Then present that SELF to the Creator, and to the world.

We’re waiting!


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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