Transmute Butterfly

Egg to Caterpillar to Butterfly
Kinetic Transmutation
Through 2 Incarnations
and 3,000 Mile Flight
Everything, So Fast! So Vast!
Such a Small, Artful & Vital
Prehistoric Creature

The transmutary spirit of that butterfly-being is exceptional power; it’s the vessel for an extraordinary, evolutionarily programmed experience.

We humans too, can get to a point of intentional transmutation; it’s a new skill of the Fifth Dimension. At this point in time, a person can elevate their personal frequency in order to have access to these new energies – such as transmutation and manifestation, enhanced intuition, foresight, lucid dreaming, ESP, and so much more.

What I offer through my 1-on-1 and group sessions, Return to Flow, is guidance in helping you to reach a state of Self-Quantization, which means that you become in control of your own personal frequency and, after having done the work, can integrate with the elevated energies coming in and use them to create your most beautiful future.

To begin the mind-body-spirit-energy quantization process, your blocks to flow are identified. We identify them together and work as a team to help you disengage those blocks. Let me emphasize that YOU are the one doing the work, I am simply your guide. This can be an intricate, painful and soul-challenging process for some people, and exhilarating for others. There is absolutely no judgment about how long it takes to accomplish this work, it is necessary. It must be done. In YOUR time.

The good news: This process gets easier with time and as it does, your opportunities expand exponentially!!! And, there is great joy built in to the process to offset the potential difficulties.

When I finished music school, digital music was just emerging and the very concept of quantizing music – to conform to a groove or beat or tempo – became a powerful tool in creating beautiful digital music. But … I came to realize that I had been wrongly quantized by all of my life experiences, other people’s intentions for me, and perhaps by my own idealistic dreams. I had become quantized to a reality to which I neither harmonized, nor desired to conform to.

I carry with me forever the memory of a homeless man on Houston Street NYC who smiled at me and handed me a rose at a time when I was trapped in an anxious, fearful, doubtful, limited reality in which opportunities were becoming increasingly scarce. I was on the verge of busting out of the Matrix, but I had absolutely no idea. The deep love and irony of that interchange guided me into a state of humility, that helped me to be able to RECEIVE the teachings I needed.

My Re-Set, or Re-Quantization, took place over the course of decades. Money was elusive, in some ways intentionally, and so I spent a lot of time just simply doing what I love – playing freejazz, painting, writing, meditating, giving, mothering, studying water and quantum physics, and striving for ethical perfection. And as a thread through it all: the journey toward the key to empowerment for all. The Most Beautiful Quantum Future.

I share the process so that others can learn, in a fraction of the time, how to exist harmoniously. This is a flexible program in which you take the time you need to accomplish your goals, receiving the vital support to make the process as simple as possible!

Self-Quantization is Aquarian Self-Empowerment.
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