Return to FLOW – Energy Healing

From the Quantum perspective, mental, physical & spiritual health is about flow. When we get stuck in our lives, it causes a huge range of problems… and when we get un-stuck, we return to the natural flow of vitality.

As a quantum technician, my gift is to help people find their point of stuck-ness and offer solutions to Return to Flow. In this process, I facilitate the re-set of a person’s magnetic/electrical field, using a variety of quantum techniques. This allows for the dissolution of emotional blocks, stuck energy and inter-generational healing.

You may have something very specific that you want to work on, or perhaps you’re exploring self-improvement options in general. There is no right or wrong! There only IS.

Consultations via Zoom. 1st Zoom consultation is free. Recommended fee: $75/hour (Pay what you can).

In-Person Consultations: (future)

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