Strength of Purpose

Life is a minefield of unexpected experiences that are intended to guide us on our path.
Ultimately, it’s about Perseverance & Divine Connection.

I used to get real upset at the stupid human mistakes I made, and I had a difficult time learning how to forgive myself (true for most people). That leads to shame, which is the lowest frequency in the 3D spectrum and opens the door to all kinds of nastiness – illness, for instance. However, as I began to learn about the machinations of Karma… I began to get some balance in my life. Yes, I was incurring Karma with my mistakes, but then I began to re-balance into more Releasing Karma. For me, it was a process of replacing All That Does Not Serve with Positive, Constructive, Thoughts, Actions & Deeds. Meditation, Forgiveness, Generosity.

With that alteration, things began to flow much better in my life. My Divine Connection has become more clear. I began meeting the people who recognize who I am. Incredible opportunities appeared. Intuition grew very strong. I began to be able to read people’s energy, and this has led me to improve my personal protective energy.

Shame has been fully released from my personal space, and this is a most extraordinary boost in my quality of life; I’m able to have much better conversations, and I’m more fully pursuing my passion & purpose, there is not a muck at the foundation of my experience, but instead a completely bearable lightness of being

Meanwhile, the planet is on fire with the Revolutionary choruses of people rejecting the Old Paradigm. Change is upon us, and it is incredibly shocking that so many people don’t have the first clue.

I am practicing my voice, to lend to the Revolutionary chorus, my trumpet song; the final sound that breaks through… To that other place where there IS no shame, because we are all in perfect Divine Resonance; existing at higher frequencies beyond 3rd Dimensional Reality.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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