The Ego is Obsolete

From Ego to Abundance

EGO is a construct of 3rd Dimension that served the very important purpose of helping us (individually and as a species) to self-identify our way out of some very serious Dark Ages. But, it’s job is done; it cannot travel with us to the Future. In fact, Ego will prevent many people from accessing the future.

For a long time, I existed fully in my Ego – bound in Samsara, Maya (The Great Illusion). It wouldn’t be until my 5th decade that I discovered the path that had led to my journey of Self-Realization. Living in the Ego was so extremely painful; I made horrible mistakes over and over again, until I finally realized that those mistakes happened over and over again until I made a change in my life, either energetically or physically. This included breaking habits, eating new foods, going new places, meeting new people. Ultimately, embracing CHANGE as a vital force of personal evolution.

It is in the Great Illusion that people do stupid, harmful things;
The result of Disconnection from the Divine Creator.

At once point, I had to just STOP. At that point in time, I didn’t know what was good any more, what was right, what was up, what was possible. Sometimes you just have to STOP, reset, and try to remember what’s actually important. To Reconnect.

I hope that this plague-time has served that purpose for many people – I’m sure it has. I have seen such stunning connections come out of this time – the recognition that GIVING is far more valuable an action than TAKING. And that one’s courageous actions to help humanity are not to be claimed, like a piece of land, but freely given, without expectation. Just put a potato in the pot, or haul the water, or pick some herbs, or bring the wooden spoon – and we all get to eat. No one person is more important than another, as long as we are all taken care of. That should be the vision. That IS the 5th Dimensional vision. And this Unity Mindset will be necessary to get us through the impending tribulations.

In the 5th Dimension, there is only ABUNDANCE – of love, wealth, health, opportunity. It requires that we shed our mindset of limitation – and the ego is a very big aspect of limitation.

Abundance & Ego cannot exist harmoniously together.

Of course an egotistical person can be successful, but at what cost? What suffers? What breaks? What illnesses are engendered? What difficult lessons experienced over and over and over again?

Once you begin to figure out how to step off the karma wheel, life gets better. It starts with GRATITUDE – so simple! Just Be THANKFUL for WHAT YOU’VE GOT! All day long, just be grateful, then you can’t be worried or frustrated or angry. At the moment, I’m thankful for the farmer out my kitchen window, haying the fields – grateful that the land is being taken care of, that the animals will be well fed this winter, and that another cycle is beginning. Grateful that he’s able to get the hay before it rains.

The more people who engage in a thing, the more powerful the thing is. So, for instance, the more people who are praying for God to Win, the more likely that God will Win, Sooner or Later.

Every night before I go to bed, I spend a little time “holding the light” with all the other lightworkers around the world. When I first started, about a year ago, there was a LOT of space in between the lights. Gradually, the lights multiplied and became more connected, emitting a brighter and more powerful light. In the past week or so, it’s felt like a connected sea of light, undulating or perhaps dancing in JOY. Then, last night, in a flash, all of the light transformed into a SUN …. a ginormous globe of radiance that enveloped Earth.

What fabulous vision do you have of the future? What is your greatest dream? Allow yourself to sink into it – daydream it into fruition. Embrace it, place it on the table and study it. Feel it as if it were real! MANIFEST it!!

I envision a world where nobody has to LEARN about Divine Connection – that it’s inherent in our existence!
And that is where my energy is.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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