The End of Times, The Beginning of Times

I have known for many decades about the insane corruption that fuels our world.

However, it was only in the past decade that I learned that the primary fuel of this economy is the torture of children, and that’s when I really stepped out of the system completely. There are many who insult me for what they assume is a lack of action, lack of impetus, lack of inspiration…. and I’m okay with it! In fact, every day as new information comes to light, I am more confident and content with my choice, realizing that my neutrality affords me the ability to become a powerful force of change toward the Most Beautiful Future.

Truth is, the history that we think we know was fabricated, and fed to us through a propagandized System (Karuchev did the same thing to Russians 100 years ago, with disastrous results). This System was developed through the psychology work of Freud, and his nephew Edward Bernays who introduced Freud’s work into the corporate marketing arena. One of the catches of this system is CONVENIENCE – people work harder and more intensely so that they can purchase conveniences. Unfortunately, convenience is mostly technology that remove us further from our relationship with Mother Earth, toward trans-humanism.

This draconian society is built on a foundation of the 7 Deadly Sins, and must at some point come to its inevitable demise.

I’ve been fortunate to have a series of experiences in my life which helped me to comprehend the extent of that societal manipulation. At the same, time, I’ve had a series of experiences which have shown me other dimensions of life, beyond the five senses. This balance of experience has shaped my worldview, and has also brought the support system of others who have similar knowledge and experiences. This worldview rejects the 7 Deadly Sins in favor of the 7 Graces.

We stand at the precipice, at this moment, of the splitting of these two drastically different worldviews. Perhaps those who have not yet had extra-sensory experiences, or who have not been open to those experiences, are headed for another 26,000 years to learn their life lessons – which is ultimately to claim Sovereignty and Divine Love. Meanwhile, those of us who rejected the false society will exit this karmic cycle for non-duality existence.

One thing remains very clear, and that is that Fear is truly the Mind Killer,
the Logic Killer, the Sanity Killer.

The Cabal has played their cards expertly in entrapping the vast majority of humanity into their Fear Matrix, and this serves the purpose of separating us into our respective camps. My heart bleeds for the people who have been caught in that Fear Matrix, but people have to live their own lives and make their own choices, right or wrong. There can be no judgment from those of us who choose the Love of Divine Connection; There is no “other” in this holographic universe. We are all facets of the same whole.

And so I am living my life as if Love has ALREADY won. It’s a great way to live and I am abundantly blessed with all that surrounds me as I patiently await the arrival of the Most Beautiful Future.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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