The Evolutionary Spiral

I left organized religion when I learned about Evolution, at about age 12, and for a long time was an atheist. Many decades later, after I learned that Darwin came from a Freemason family and that he himself (like Pasteur and so many others) had disavowed his theory before he died – I accepted that absolutism can always be discounted with new information. Since then, as a Spiritualist, I pay attention to the currents of information that are presented by any number of scientists, intellectuals and researchers, in order to be able to discern truth for myself, and am always open to having my mind changed with new information.

There have been many absolutist streams of consciousness that encourage people to self-identify, whether it’s gender, or race, or nationality, or religion, or social class, or sports team or whatever. These methods of division and separation have been intricately and intentionally woven into society to feed the ego, whether or for better or worse, in order to keep people divided. With a particular perspective, you can look back at different junctures of history and see exactly how things were done in order to feed the separation and prevent humanity from engaging its Free Will.

In fact, most people haven’t the faintest idea that Free Will is human birthright. This explains why so many people are lining up to receive a dangerous, experimental medical procedure at this point in time – without a single moment of research or conversation about the possible side effects, which include DEATH, not to mention horrific physical and mental debilitation as well as sterilization. Even as the evil parties who are pushing their genetic modifying jabs have revealed their agenda through the Georgia Guidestones, Hollywood movies, and their previous endeavors – the masses are completely befuddled by a ridiculous, false education system, chemical-laden food, lying media and the push to conform, conform, conform.

I learned a long time ago, as I began to study the horrific effects of vaccines and witness how the system was crushing dissent on this issue, that it is a sign of intelligence – and perhaps, incredibly enough – Survival of the Fittest – to have the courage to Question Authority. I continue to exercise my right of Free Will, and encourage others to do the same.

This extends to the current Trump-mania.

I am not, nor have I ever, nor WILL I ever refer to myself as a Conservative. It is a label being used to corral people into yet another iteration of the Evolutionary Spiral of Conformity and Self-Identification. Most of the people I associate with are former Democrats who are Aware of the Grand Deception that has attempted to genocide humanity, but we do NOT call ourselves conservative… we are simple Aware. We are spiritual. We are interested in building community and security.

And ultimately, we refuse to conform to ANY label that ANY entity attempts to slap on us, and I pray with all my might that Humanity wakes up to the fact that ANY label is false because it is appealing to the ego, and we are on the brink of leaving our egos behind, as we transition out of the 3rd dimension. But – if you clasp on to your ego because it’s all you know, then you may be destined to ride out another 26,000 year cycle of 3D despair, and I don’t wish that for anyone.

If we choose UNITY and LOVE and DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS then everything is possible!!! That is our ticket to higher dimensions. There is a split coming very soon, and your mindset will determine which path you are put on. Meditate, pray and chant to your Divine Connection, which exists in every cell of your body. Call God down upon you! Reject ego and everything to do with it, and you will be given the Golden Ticket out of the insidious karmic cycle.

It all comes down to Willy Wonka, after all…. be the good kid. Do the right thing. And the universe will be yours.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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