The Hero’s Challenge

Nazi Germany taught us how evil people can be;
In-our-faces, unavoidable, out-in-the open for all to see.
Now it’s much worse.

FACT: Deranged people exist and often get into seats of power and do horrific things. Other examples of tyrannical derangement are the Armenian Genocide, the First Nations genocides, The Boer Wars, the Slave trade, and in reference to what is happening at this point in time the massive Sex Slave Trade and all of its spinoffs, which consumes millions upon millions of new people every year, mostly children. And I will also allude to the current Plague as a the most significant & massive assault on humanity, ever.

FACT: During the Vietnam War, our “news”(acronym for North East West South) sources stopped reporting atrocities – for instance, they stopped showing the caskets returning every night on TV – and so we, the consumers of “news” began to lose touch with the actual COST of war. In that experience, we collectively allowed and accepted whatever reality the networks decide to give us. We did not push for integrity then, and we certainly didn’t when Obama signed “no liability” for the media industry into law.

Since long before the Vietnam War, the concept of news has been modified, morphed and manipulated to become something very different from the source of truth that it pretends to be. In reality the entire media is compromised information infused with psychological controls to achieve a specific goal: strip away our freedoms by getting us to agree to the dismantling of our Constitution;. Those who control MSM are Next-Gen Nazis, straight outta Operation P@perclip; they coined the term “C0nspiracy Th#ory” and are currently calling for parents – who are angry at losing the rights to their children – to be labeled as t#rr0r1sts. And, they attempt to marginalize extraordinary Investigative Journalists such as Project Veritas as Far Right although Veritas (the biggest channel on Telegram) is working exactly for the protection & defense of the US Constitution.

So take note: the term Far Right now means Constitutionalist.

Under the duress of this current situation, thousands of groups of alt thinkers that have sprouted all over the world with one thing in common: defend and empower the US Constitution. We/they don’t necessarily identify as Republican, or Far Right, or religious, or anything – except DEFENDERS OF THE VERY CONCEPT OF FREEDOM. The core of the matter is the Constitution for a couple hundred million Americans, along with billions around the world from all walks of life.

There can be no debate that the agenda put forth via MSM is leading to the erosion of our Civil Rights on the grandest scale. It is pitting us against each other – using the well developed tactics of Fear Mongering, Divide & Conquer, Shaming, Misdirection etc. When you look at the whole picture (instead of the fractions spoon fed by the media) you cannot help but realize exactly how anti-human the tactics have become. The Awakened can see this plain as day.

When people are finally able to wean themselves off MSM, transition from Woke to Awakened, there’s an adjustment period where you feel like you’re in a perpetual mind trip; you have to make new neural connections, so it takes a while for you to sink in to the new groove. But once you do – the transformation is magnificent and it is literally a whole other way of life; a very high frequency reality.

Embarking on the Hero’s Journey or I might even say Herculean Hero’s Challenge out of the grasp of the MSM, to become awakened on your journey to consciousness, is vital. The rewards are infinitely greater than the risks.


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