The j’Aquaire Academy

This past year I have been designing a powerful educational system for effecting the evolution into the Quantum World at a small, local level.

Strongly influenced by Rudolph Steiner, Maria Montessori and the concept of free-schooling, the Academy is focused on harnessing the exceptional energy of the young life in order to create high-level accomplishment by the age of 7. This includes Fifth-dimensional skill building, acting from the belief that every child is an Indigo Child, and cultivating an environment of love, kindness, trust, joy and awe.

This primary accomplishment at age 7 is celebrated with a grand graduation ceremony, from Primary to Secondary status. In Secondary, the children follow their passion and purpose with the intent of mastery by the age of 16. This results in graduation, followed by 2 years of internship in chosen field.

The Academy replaces the concept of teachers with that of Guides, who act purely to assist the children in accessing and perfecting their unique skills and talents. Play is the primary driver in the early years and continues to be encouraged in Secondary.

Graduates of the j’Aquaire Academies, which will be built all around the world, will be empowered to live extraordinarily fruitful lives, helping to bring Earth and Huemanity into the heart of the Quantum Era.

Cultivate love and kindness in a child and you will gather love and kindness. And only then will you build a great civilization, a great nation

Unknown but perhaps Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am thrilled for the j’Aquaire Academy, and associated Communities, to break ground in 2022. There will be tremendous employment opportunities for adventurous souls who love working with children!


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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