The Most Important Choice

The New Paradigm is UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS of the 5th Dimension – a higher octave of reality.

It replaces the Old Paradigm, 3rd Dimension DUALITY: man vs. woman, old vs. new, black vs. white, right vs. wrong etc etc etc.

What this new paradigm brings, is what we now consider *super-human abilities* …. There is an undeniable dramatic increase in child prodigies of every persuasion, and of Indigo Children, and also adults who suddenly click in to place and do stupendous things to help the world.

Meanwhile, Transhumanism is trying to sell us super-human abilities via technology, if we agree to be enslaved. The Powers That Be (#TPTB) have perfected the art of propaganda and make Transhumanism sound super-appealing – and most people in the first world have willingly surrendered their freedoms already. (ie, cellphones)

We MUST QUESTION OURSELVES at this moment of time!!!

We must peer deep into the depths of our soul to see if we can find that Spark of Divine Consciousness, in its infinite phi-fractal form, which allows you, and me, and every human to experience & create reality.

And, perhaps, we can take a look at the world around us with fresh eyes, to realize that humans ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM NATURE – and the destruction of it – is quite literally the destruction of US.

Ultimate Truth: We are pure energy at the Quantum level, wearing a human suit. And TPTB are in the process of hacking the human suit.

There are layers & layers & layers of distractive “plaque” that gunks up our body, mind and spirit – food, indoctrination, media, drugs, fear etc – and this plaque dramatically impairs our ability to perceive the Divine Spark, and our inclusion in Nature.

Perhaps, armed with this new perspective, we can come to the conclusion that although not fun, it is far better to do the work of clearing the plaque, than take the easy way out via technology.

WE EACH HAVE THE ABILITY TO BECOME SUPER-HUMAN once we chip away enough of the plaque that has encased our bodies and spirits. There are so many resources! And this website is a portal to that information.

Ultimately: We are each here for a specific reason and our purpose is to find and live that purpose with joy, gratitude, love, generosity as much as possible.

Once we surrender to Transhumanism
we will never again have access to that Divine Spark
and will be forever enslaved


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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