The Quantum Future is the Quantum NOW!

In witnessing humanity through the eyes of social media, I find many people who are anxious for a “return to normal” after these tumultuous few years. The truth is, it will never happen, and this is the best possible news!

“Normal” has become an authoritarian world where children are herded and prodded through school to a point of conformity and acquiescence that is not unsimilar to prison. Creativity, critical thinking, joy, passion and curiosity have been beaten out of them through systematic pressure from above. Including, but not limited to the removal of all rights to personal health.

But it’s not just the children who have suffered; adults have been in this 9-5 grind, or in many cases, 3 or 4 jobs just to be able to put food on the table; to be able to HAVE a table, and roof, and whatever other necessities, as many thousands of people have been made homeless over the course of the past few decades by this grueling system.

And beneath it all, the energy in the underground systems that have run this anti-human society, is literally the energy of tortured and murdered children (as the world is about to find out).

So – any wish for a return to normal, in my opinion, reveals an absolute lack of imagination and lack of comprehension of what’s really going on in our world, and I feel strong empathy for those whose lives have been so degraded that they believe that what USED to be, is the best it CAN be.

My work has brought me into the center of gravity of the Quantum Financial System, which has been built behind the scenes for the past decade. I often say that the greatest divide is between those who have the most basic comprehension of Quantum Mechanics / Spirituality / Physics, and those who don’t. I have often said that Quantum Physics should be taught from the earliest ages (if it was then we would be living the Jetson’s life) and there are obvious (nefarious) reasons why it is not included in the education system.

That is about to change. Quantum Physics is about to become the most important subject any human can spend their time learning, as the rollout of the Quantum Financial System begins. I have it on excellent authority that THIS is the month of rollout, and it will change everything about how we perceive our selves, our world and our universe. The fact that it is rolling out in the year 2021 – which has for several decades portended to be the year in which our perpetual enslavement began – is the most beautiful, blessed, turn of events, for which I am grateful to the core of my soul!

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is a little bit Divine Consciousness, a little bit AI, and is so highly technically advanced it disallows all forms of illegality including usury, thievery, blackmail, the purchase of drugs, arms, people and all the other nefarious things that money has been used for in the past. It is the end to the soul-deadening slavery system that we’ve been trapped in for thousands of years. It is the breakthrough of the “prison planet” barrier that has kept us locked away from the Universal community.

The minute that the QFS is activated, every person on Earth will be able to live comfortably and with a true lifespan of hundreds of years. There will be a repayment of all illegally stolen funds (ie, IRS, bank fees, credit card fees), as well as quantum healthcare systems, for instance Medbeds, which heal every ailment. No more cancer, or neurological disease, or diabetes, or obesity…. with this tech we will have the gift of absolute health! And there will also be free zero-point and scalar energy as imagined by Nikola Tesla and other brilliant minds (who have been banned from our history books by the Evil Ones). Therefore, there will be no need for petroleum, coal, nuclear or even solar power any longer. Our world will be replenished, our connection to each other and the Divine Creator will be permanently set in place. Replicator technology will provide for every need.

The world is going to change FAST, more drastically than it has changed since November 2019…. but this change will be SPLENDID beyond imagination!! And not one person will be left behind.

For it is absolutely true – that Where We go One, We go ALL! And that is into the MOST BEAUTIFUL QUANTUM FUTURE!

Hold your hats, folks…. it’s right around the corner. The Maricopa County, AZ ballot re-count finalization will be the trigger.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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