The Sovereignty of Constitutionalism

We are at the Apex of common-knowledge history/herstory.

Out of the tyrannical lineage of Demigods, Pharoahs, Emperors, Kings & Queens, we created the United States of America as a bastion for THE PEOPLE who recognized and demanded personal Sovereignty & Freedom… and to this day, the rest of the world looks to us as the standard of what is possible. It was the eloquently drafted US Constitution & Declaration of Independence that gifted us this unique and splendid opportunity, releasing us from the bondage of monarchy into a brand new era of Self Rule.

What exceptional minds must have crafted those words! Were they inspired by Jesus’ throttling of the money-lenders? The philosophical presentations of Plato and Aristotle? The democratic experiments of Athenian times?

That, and more. They pulled from the mistakes, victories and philosophies of known human history to craft a Republic – By the People, For the People. Truth is, the first 245 years of this Republic have been faulty, with myriad difficulties and constant meddling by outside forces. Perhaps more NOW, than ever.

Even so, I UNABASHEDLY LOVE THIS COUNTRY! and I have come to believe that the Republic of the US of A is, despite our many faults, the first step into the Golden Age of Aquarius. Perhaps a mis-step, perhaps a highly imperfect, but absolutely in the right direction – of self-rule, personal sovereignty, and absolute connection with the Divine Creator. I believe we are not a mistake, but the greatest breakthrough success, and that at this juncture we have arrived at a vital crossroads.

Caveat: This country came to life due to the genocide of First Nations and the abomination of Slavery, and these atrocities MUST be addressed and honored, with humility and appropriate restitution. These communities must be inclusively invited to be front & center, bringing their valuable insights and experience as we move forward.

As a privileged white person I am no self-hater, I have dedicated my life to equinamity and the older I get, the more I value my experience!

One must not despise one’s self in order to allow more for another – Love and Abundance are not PIE!
There is Enough for All once GREED is vanquished!!

This grinding evolution of Freedom is painful and difficult and messy and bloody, sprinkled with success, joy and accomplishment. I believe there is a most excellent reason that we are a melting pot, and it is to allow for the best from ALL of humanity to contribute to that pristine evolution. We have incredible minds, all working toward the Best Possible Future, and I do not for one second believe that future is totalitarian, or communist, or any shade thereof. I believe that we will pull from ALL of the profoundly magnificent minds who called the US of A Home. We will stand tall, proud and strong on the profound accomplishments that the Constitution made possible, and then bring that freedom to the rest of the world.

Most importantly, we will make damn sure that the Constitution returns to its original status – guarding the 3 branches of government, the entire judicial process, and empowering self-government in all possible ways. There comes a time when Americans must take a stand to protect this unique gift from those who seek to take it away.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.

Thomas Jefferson

There is new knowledge coming to the fore, after we have spent our energy protecting our freedom, and it elevates us to a much higher form of freedom. We will recognize materialism as a trap used by those same people who wish to remove our freedoms, and we will evolve from selfishness to generosity. This has been foretold in some of the oldest tomes that exist. The time to graduate is now!

Ask NOT what your Country can do for You, but what You can do for your Country.

John F. Kennedy

Jefferson and JFK work together here to inspire us to our greatest purpose. Use your mind, your heart and your soul, and all will be well!

In the spirit of Love and Liberty, sending you powerful blessings,



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