Transcending Trauma in the Quantum World

The first many decades of my life was experiencing trauma, recognizing the trauma, exiting the trauma, and healing from the trauma. On this trip, I am not alone! Although it took me decades to learn that truth. Today, I’m pretty well healed but still working to rev up my life force to optimal levels. I need to move, to find a place that resonates better with my life force, and that is top of the priority list.

For decades, I’ve been learning about trauma-based MK Ultra Mind Control Culture; it’s a pretty hot topic these days. You can consider war, genocide, narcissism (and any -ism), poverty, addiction and most TV programming to be forms of MK Ultra mind control, and it’s all very deliberate.

It was discovered in the 20th Century that Trauma and Fear are the most powerful ways to “program” individuals and society. It gets people humming at those very low frequencies, and then they enter into a kind of infinitely repeating loop of bad behavior – self destructive, destructive to others, destructive to society. This is where intergenerational PTSD comes from. Once you’re programmed, it’s very difficult to un-program yourself.

But, why? What’s the point of a traumatized society? It’s quite simple. When an individual or an entire society is in trauma/fear, the rational brain stops working, the reptilian brain kicks in, and people are docile; much more inclined to follow orders instead of thinking for themselves. If you look at what’s happened in the world in the past year, you get a sense of the WHY. 1/3 of Americans have opted to receive an experimental therapy that is proving massively more deadly than the disease it was supposed to prevent (which wasn’t very deadly at all)…. but, the real reason for the jab is pure evil: it is to make people genetically modified, ergo programmable, and to take away their free will.

Since people in general are incapable of believing that there is SUCH evil on the planet, they allowed it to happen. They literally relinquished their human sovereignty to these evil bastids.

This jab is the final straw in a long-term, silent war against humanity, but there’s a group of courageous soldiers who have been working behind the scenes since the JFK assassination to defeat these evil bastids, and they’ve just about wrapped it up. What humanity is about to wake up to is the most incredible Quantum world, that has been hidden from us for 100 years, where our imagination creates our reality and where we will live in infinite abundance, and we can finally, finally leave this eons-long trauma-based reality behind us.

Fortunately, we are beginning to see products to counteract and reverse the horrific implications of the evil jab, so that for ALL of us who choose to remain, it will be our joy – our love – our passion – our singing, dancing, meditating, praying – that is the value in this new, emerging, post-traumatic world. Very soon, people will be able to hop on a Medbed and be healed from emotional and physical trauma – instead of slogging through the painful and wrenching self-healing work that I did for 55 years! It boggles the mind! Imagine how a person’s energy can be used, when they don’t have to spend an ounce of it healing from Inter-generational PTSD!

Earth will be MAGNIFICENT in this Quantum, Aquarian epoch, beginning a brand new 26,000 year cycle in which we are emerging beyond the negative energies of the Kali Yuga, as our solar system enters a whole new region of the Universe that has much higher frequencies.

I know that the work I did, the struggles I endured, the trauma that played a central role in my life – all served a very important purpose, to help me recognize the greater societal problem and ultimately rise above it. Maybe, next time around, I can be one of those beautiful people who surfs the waves of life’s challenges with grace! Ultimately, I’m grateful for being given the opportunity of perfecting the Art of Transcending Trauma in this lifetime; I have officially graduated with my PhD from “Earth School”.

I wonder what the Creator has in store for me next…


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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