What is j’Aquaire?

The word j’Aquaire is a made-up word in French which means “I Am Aquarian”

At this juncture in time
we have the most incredible opportunity
to active the Divine Light within –
and shine it out into the world

However: the constructs of
Illness, Addiction, Poverty, Trauma etc
are hurdles intentionally placed,
specifically to prevent us from
making the Divine Connection

Most people are offered
Turning Points in their life,
a watershed moment
when a Quantum Shift happens
and there’s a flash of a glimpse of
the Expanded Universe of Possibilities

After which
and the Questioning begins,
and the searching
for the answers
becomes the Hero’s Journey

And We begin to meet exactly the people we need
and receive exactly the information we need
and earn exactly the money we need….

and suddenly

Life becomes more full of joy,
and accomplishment

and then
grooving at our higher new frequency,
we turn back and extend our hand to those
who have not yet experienced the Shift,

but who might have an inkling
somewhere in the back of their minds
that something is missing.

Divine Light flows through us ALWAYS

But each of us
must work very hard
to become the perfect conduit
for radiating that Divine Light
on Earth …..

Ultimately, it is our only job.

Everything is Energy & Energy is Frequency.

The lowest frequencies in 3rd Dimensional reality
are the 7 Deadly Sins

The highest frequency is in 3rd Dimensional reality
is Divine Connection

Where do you want to be?

If your goal is to Elevate your Frequency, then j’Aquaire is for you.


Musician / Multimedia Artist / Quantumpreneur / Educator

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